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Hello dear stranger,

I don't know if you would read this but if you do please give me a minute and read my letter.
I hope that I'll change people, well not exactly "change", I just hope that they will open 
their eyes. They should not turn away.
But who am I to ask for something like that? I'm just a 17-year old girl. What am I going to achieve
with this, a plead nobody would listen to on big roads or concert halls. Why should my
words be empty? I'm just a human being with my own problems, my work and a wonderful boyfriend by my side.
But this is not about me, it's about something I want to do for him. 
I beg you, whoever you are, listen carefully to the words I have to say. Plase just keep reading
because I need your help. Help by showing people what I have to say. We live at a time where
people of the same gender can marry, adopt children and more! We are not living in the 17th century anymore!
Well, there are still people being born in the wrong body. Blue on the inside but painted Pink. The same
colour they have to wear every single day because society told them to dress in pretty flower garments
instead of blue jeans and those fancy football jackets. Science gave it a name: "Transsexuall or Transgender".
Transgender people are humans born in the wrong body like we tend to call it. 
They're being painted over a different colour than the one that belongs to them because they are to scared to come out, 
never had the chance to change and maybe even got hate from their own family. They're never going to have easy lives, none of them.
Stranger, you need to know that my Boyfriend is FTM which means female to male. Still has a feminine body but his heart and soul, in his
Mind he is a boy.
Family members still call him by his birthname."Get over it! It's just a phase!" something like that.
The only excuse we get to hear is "it could be worse, just get over these mistakes" It COULD be, 
but it should not! I know things like that need time. People need time to understand what's happening!
I know you probably can't imagine how badly he's suffering. In this body, in a world that doesn't want him to be blue.
It's like the monster under your bed, you know there's something but your parents tell you to calm down, everything's good,
nothing is there. 
Words like that are burning in our minds, onto our skin. He still needs his skin you know? He wants to starve, hoping his curves
will disapear, he need healthy organs! All he does is hurting them because of the hope inside his brain that his reflection 
will show him a body without curves, a masculine body. I know how he's suffering each and every day! So many transgender people
feel the same way. Always forced to listen to sentences that hurting them just more, and more. 
"You're always going to be our little girl!" and "Boys should not wear dresses and play with dolls!". 
It's always the same in the end. They get rejected, beaten up and often end up dying lonely on the cold streets outside.
Dear reader, why are humans so selfish? They don't even want to understand!
They should call them with their chosen name! Give them courage to live another day, lend a hand to people who are drowning in sorrow! 
Mothers mourning, asking why their babys are dead now! Just start people how they want to be called. Ignore the boundary between
Races and gender. We're all human in the end. 75% of transgender people end up dead..Hoping they'll be reborn in the body they desire. 
Of course they would be happy but it would be much better to see that the family they love and care for acept who they are.
They are still our daughters and sons! To all you mothers and fathers out there, give your children a bit of your time.
You'll see they aren't becoming strangers, you can still love them the same. Parents just want their child to he happy, don't they? 
So woudln't it be the best thing on earth to see your child crying because of happiness, that their parents are helping them 
to become what they truly are?
I want those 75% to decrease. We need to raise more awareness! If you have questions then go ahead and ask your child 
what its feels like, get information on the internet! Do it for yourself and for humanity. 
Unite with me and for all the Transgender people around the world. We are one! We are human!
To it for them, do it for humanity. There are many organizations out there but more poeple need to know! We need to fight! Let's explain people
what it feels like. Don't let them drown in their agony, maybe they are just in need of a helping hand too. If not, don't fight fire with fire. 
Help those who need help.
Maybe in the end there are less corpses on the ground. 
It's going to be easier for the broken around us. 
The sun will shine again for all of us and we're going to have a good time again.
Living for what we are, and who we are. Not for what society wants us to be. 
With Love
Michelle scholz


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